Terple: The Sky is Just the Start
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The story of Terple is a fun loving, humorous as well as inspirational, rhyming tale of a courageous young turtle, who dreams of a life outside of the pond. Terple is faced with a decision to either fulfill his dream of seeing the world or live a life of wondering if he will ever truly become the turtle he dreams. Part one of a growing series Terple, these books tell everyone that regardless of setbacks and situations, the inner feeling of hope will always get you to your dreams.

Every day Terple swims to the water’s edge and stares at the horizon. He closes his eyes to imagine what the world has to offer. One example of the inspirational and heartening moments in Terple is when he tells us, “Look to the stars, then close your eyes. Breathe in deep and realize... If you wish enough and see it through, that wish you wished will come true!”

Terple: The Sky is Just the Start (a Gilette Burgess Award for Children's Literature winner) is filled with rich, unique and colorful illustrations perfect for children of all ages. Terple shows children that you can become anything you want to be!


About the author

Author and illustrator Richie Frieman was born on April 21, 1979 in Richmond, Virginia and raised in Owings Mills, Maryland - a suburb of Baltimore. He graduated from Owings Mills High School in 1997, then attended the University of Maryland - College Park, graduating in 2001. Frieman currently lives in Hunt Valley, Maryland with his wife Jamie and their most adorable dog, Camden.

Richie Frieman has committed to donating proceeds from his book sales to a different charity every month. Frieman is working with charities across the globe, to partner and spread their message.

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