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See Eye A: Case of the Terrible Tremors by educator Barbara Beadles and registered nurse Kathy Weller, is a health lesson disguised as a delightful story.

How do you figure out what makes your throat hurt? Or what makes your body ache and shiver? You don't know? Well, that's okay, because Director B.R. Ains and the See Eye A are on the job, and you'll feel better in no time, just like Joey in The Case of the Terrible Tremors!

"Something Small" depicts the inner struggles of a man trying to remain honest amid a culture of corruption.

The See Eye A, the extra special group of detectives and bacteria fighters who live inside Joey's body, race against the clock to figure out just what is making Joey feel so terrible. When they discover the egg-shaped strep bacteria that are infecting Joey's tonsils, Director B.R. Ains declares war on them. Agent Ima Notsik, head of the immune system, and her team work along with Dr. Bebetter to make sure Joey gets well. Will Joey remember to take his medicine on time so it can kill all the bacteria? Will Dr. Bebetter and Agent Ima Notsik be able to stop the bacteria before Joey infects someone else?

See Eye A: Case of the Terrible Tremors is another fantastic installment in the See Eye A series, chock full of facts about biology for everyone to learn.

Paperback, for ages four through eight.

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