The Glory of the 1966 Orioles and Baltimore
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"Mark R. Millikin, author of The Glory of the 1966 Orioles and Baltimore, recreates the excitement and drama of Baltimore’s first World Series championship. He recounts fan memories, Frank Robinson’s signing, and news from local sports commentators of the era. Reading this engaging account brought back memories of attending ball games with my family at the 'old' Memorial Stadium in Baltimore." -Elaine Johnson, Central Library

With fan anecdotes starting before the season even started, Millikin paints a vivid and exciting picture of Baltimore, Orioles fans and the journey to the team's first World Series Championship.


About the Author

Mark Millikin was born in Baltimore and has written two other books about baseball including Babe Ruth: Star Pitcher of the 1914 Baltimore Orioles, a booklet published by Mark's Bayside Publishing.

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