Forgotten Sundays
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An inspirational story of toughness and tenderness, humor and sadness, Forgotten Sundays shares a life experience between father and son. John Sandusky was an NFL tackle and then offensive line coach for the Baltimore Colts, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Miami Dolphins. Forgotten Sundays chronicles how the Sandusky family dealt with pride, disillusionment and tragedy as John Sandusky succumbed to Alzheimer's disease, and the lessons the familyy learned when there was nothing more it could do.

Forgotten Sundays is the coming-of-age story of a father-son relationship and the value of a good name, which Gerry Sandusky knows all too well. He has had to endure having an unfortunate name in sports, but to him the Sandusky name means something entirely different: honor, integrity, endurance, and suffering and sadness.

Forgotten Sundays follows the life and relationship between Gerry Sandusky and his father. Gerry spent his summers observing his father in NFL training camps and his Sundays with superstars, Hall of Fame players and coaches from Johnny Unitas to Dan Marino, from Don McCafferty to Tom Landry.


Gerry's relationship with his father evolved through stages of worship, disillusionment, vulnerability, tragedy and friendship. Along the way he learned about the nature of manhood from observations, clues and interactions - more often than not unspoken. It was when Gerry reached fatherhood himself and when John Sandusky began to tumble into the gauzy confusion of Alzheimer's disease that he began to understand his father on a much deeper level.

Heartfelt, intelligent, at times humorous, at times tragic, Forgotten Sundays explores the intricacies of a father-son relationship and the nuances of how and what a son learns from a father. It plumbs the meaning of a family name and it is an inspiration to others to embrace their own legacy and cherish their memories.

The book includes a special photo insert and links to stats, articles and interviews with John Harbaugh, Mike Nolan, David Shula, Chad Unitas and more.


About the Author

Gerry Sandusky is the sports director of WBAL in Baltimore and the radio play-by-play voice of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. An award-winning journalist Gerry is a frequent guest on NFL Network, ESPN Radio and flagship radio stations of NFL teams. He also manages The Sandusky Group, a media consulting company. Gerry lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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