Benny\'s 1st Day of School
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"The thing that separates my book from the rest," author Justin Henke said, "is that every page guarantees a new life lesson to be learned in a fun, nurturing, educational way."

"There is much more being learned in my book than in the majority that I have read. This book keeps kids smiling and paying attention because it's funny, it rhymes and has great illustrations with vibrant colors on every page."

The lessons of Benny's 1st Day of School include:
- Lesson 1: Get a good night's rest
- Lesson 2: Eat healthy and take good care for yourself
- Lesson 3: It's ok to be nervous your first day
- Lesson 4: Raise your hand, and don't speak in people's ears
- Lesson 5: Share with others
- Lesson 6: Don't play with your food
- Lesson 7: Play nice with others
- Lesson 8: Clean up after yourself


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