Locker Ladder
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The Locker Ladder is a durable hanging set of shelves perfect for storing various items such as textbooks, folders, binders, and loose items.

  -  available in blue, black, red, pink and purple, while supplies last
  -  made of durable cotton duck fabric that lasts for years of use
  -  36" x 5-1/2" x 9" for full length lockers
  -  adjustable for half-height lockers to 27" x 5-1/2" x 9"
  -  sturdy shelves hold items such as textbooks and binders
  -  hangs from a shelf, rod, or 2 hooks
  -  side pockets hold smaller loose items

Get organized and go green with the Locker Ladder!

The Locker Ladder, originally patented by Del Designs, makes the most of space in lockers and even closets in your home or office.

  -  an excellent way to stay organized, save time, and promote success
  -  long lasting ... from middle school through college and beyond
  -  made from sturdy natural and recycled materials
  -  sewn and assembled in the USA

Locker Ladder

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