Rowallan handbags and accessories at Greetings & Readings

RowallanLike the little black dress, Rowallan's collections are imbued with a quiet sense of chic that's always in style.

Rowallan has it all - style that doesn't quit, modern-day functionality and quality craftsmanship and materials.

The beauty of Rowallan designs is more than skin deep - all have clean, classic lines and organizational features designed to help make our on-the-go, modern lifestyle a little bit easier.

For many, Scotland conjures up images of the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and the celebrated greens of St. Andrews, or romanticized visions of tartan-clad clans and remote castle keeps.

For more than 150 years, the city of Glasgow has distinguished itself as a leading center for the arts and design; Glasgow seized the high ground in cosmopolitan chic and became a byword in the UK for creative energy and style.

The city itself is a showplace of indigenous design - a unique Scots-flavored fusion of Modernist and Art Nouveau architecture characterized by strong lines, meticulous details and a humane scale.

At the center of it all stands The Glasgow School of Art, where this unique vocabulary, at once traditional and daringly contemporary, has been translated from architecture through all branches of the decorative arts. In the late 1890s the world-renowned architect and Glasgow alum Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed a new building for the school, a building that many believe to be his most revolutionary work. His goal was to provide an inspirational place for the budding designers and artisans to develop their talents. Generations of Scottish artists have trained and found inspiration there. Rowallan's founders honed their craft in those hallowed halls, schooled in the Glasgow philosophy that beauty and utility are not mutually exclusive and should be intelligently incorporated into every design.

RowallanBrowse a selection of Rowallan of Scotland in person. Smart travel goods, stylish leather accessories and colorful jewelry boxes and keeps by Rowallan, now at Baltimore's Greetings & Readings of Hunt Valley.

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