Cinda B designer handbags available now at Greetings & Readings

Cinda B Travel SuiteA love for color and design has always been Cinda Boomershine's passion. When Cinda, founder of an Atlanta-based interior design firm, found herself searching for that perfect, everyday bag that was just as stylish and fun as it was versatile and functional, inspiration struck and she created Cinda B.

Today, Cinda B is one of the fastest-growing handbag, tote and accessory companies in the country, available exclusively in independent gift shops like Greetings & Readings.

Cinda B styles are made in the USA using the latest durable, poly/nylon fabrics, making them water-resistant and machine washable.

Offering hundreds of style and color combinations for gals on the go, each Cinda B style is designed personally with love and care by Cinda herself. Cinda finds inspiration for her designs and patterns in all facets of her life, from sunny vacation hideaways in the Caribbean to the bustling streets of NYC and from classic artists to modern fashion trends.

The silhouettes for Cinda's handbags and accessories are born from her own on-the-go lifestyle. Always looking forward to next season, Cinda's search for inspiration is unending, and her unique styles, fashionable patterns and fun colorways give new, fresh meaning to "casual chic".

Discover the new Cinda B collection at Greetings & Readings and marvel over this season's beautiful colors. Each Cinda B bags is water-resistant, stain-resistant, machine washable and made in the USA.

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